Listening to the Gettysburg Address in gibberish makes perfect sense when you pair that activity with looking at a recent image from the town of Gettysburg itself.  Below is a view from the parking lot of May’s Buffet, one of a series of such all you can eat establishments within 100 yards of the site of Lincoln’s historic address.

Just beyond May’s Buffet is KFC (the restaurant formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) and Gen. Pickett’s Buffet, which overlooks the terrain of Pickett’s Charge.  I doubt that the gluttonous consumption of greasy, fried food in air conditioned comfort, amid a landscape of asphalt and concrete, was what Lincoln had in mind when referring to a “new birth of freedom” for our nation.  His words in this context seemed somewhat less intelligible for me and partly inspired my line of Historical Amnesia Post Cards.    


View From May's Buffet Parking Lot (Gettysburg, PA) by Bryan Hiott.

Near the site of the Gettysburg Address. Image by Bryan Hiott (2006).