Missing Hero Monument, Gettysburg, PA

Missing Hero Monument, Gettysburg, PA. Image by Bryan Hiott (2006).


The pedestal of the Missing Hero Monument, located in a parking lot adjacent to the Travelodge at 613 Baltimore Street in Gettysburg, PA, was poured in 1968 to honor all potential heros of American wars, who refused military service on the basis of pacifist philosophy.  

In an effort to increase tourism revenue, the Missing Hero Association, which maintains the pedestal, recently voted to commission a bronze statue of a current pacifist to be erected on the site.  The statue will be cast in the likeness of one individual chosen through an open audition process (Oct. 15 – 31) that includes a YouTube video essay and phone interview.  

Three finalists in the comptition will be invited to Gettysburg on November 19, 2008 to complete the final requirement of the selection process:  standing atop the pedestal to deliver a three-minute monologue outlining his/her belief in peace and the futility of war.  Finalists must arrange for their own travel, meals and accommodations.

More competition details and Missing Hero Association contact information to be announced soon.