Bill Max - Civil War Reenactor (4th US Regular Infantry) 

Bill Max - Civil War Reenactor (4th US Regular Infantry)


Allison Smith, whose historically based installations I have followed for a while, is showing the photograph above in Ethnographies of the Future at the Thoreau Center for Sustainability in New York City (Sept. 10th through November 24th).  The exhibition was curated by Sara Reisman.  Viewing is by appointment only – details below.


From the press release:  


Ethnographies of the Future takes into account the vast geographies impacted by colonial rule by bringing together artists whose works present a critical relationship to postcolonial identity politics. The artists in the exhibition, with their diverse historical reference points, make clear that the terms of cultural identification are unstable. In installations, videos, and mixed-media works, they suggest an ever-shifting discursive field where the possibilities for defining ethnography are unending. Drawing on histories of the Caribbean, South Asia, Israel, China, Korea and Japan, the South Pacific, Europe, and the Americas, the exhibition addresses colonial rule from a contemporary, global perspective.


                                            September 10 – November 24, 2008
                                            Ethnographies of the Future
                                            Starry Night Fund of the Tides Foundation
                                            Thoreau Center for Sustainability, New York
                                            55 Exchange Place, Suite 406, New York, NY 10005
                                            (between Broad Street & William Street)


Viewing of exhibition is by appointment only between the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday. Please call 646.747.2053 or 646.747.2248 to schedule your visit.