I am pleased to have my work included in Sanlun Yishu, a mobile gallery project designed and curated by two American artists currently living in Beijing:  Lee Somers and Elisabeth Pellathy.  Art selected for the project will be transported through the city in a Sanlun (a compact three-wheel motorized vehicle).  In various neighborhoods, the driver will stop and set up viewing opportunities for the public, many of whom might not ordinarily visit galleries.  Somers and Pellathy envision Sanlun Yishu as a way to bridge art and everyday life, which I find very appealing.  The project is made possible with a grant from the Black Rock Arts Foundation.


From the  Sanlun Yishu website:  Shifting art viewing from a passive to active interface with the community, Sanlun Yishu creates a space for interactive art. Instead of paying a fare, participants take a work of art with them and make a creative contribution of their own.  This transaction is the basis of a conversation between artists and passengers, examining urban life from multiple perspectives, forging unlikely connections across the globe. 


Sanlun Yishu


General Information

Artists are asked to submit their work to Sanlun Yishu in the spirit of collaboration. No work will be bought or sold while in the mobile gallery. It is a purely non-profit, public and global art project to promote contemporary art-awareness.

Works selected for exhibition will be reproduced in editions specified by the artist in dimensions appropriate to the vehicle. These reproductions will be taken by the passenger/participants in Beijing, who will in turn leave a creative response or a piece of ephemera in exchange for the work. These responses will then be forwarded electronically to the artist, who may choose to continue collaboration with this feedback.

Selected results of these dialogues will be published in a catalogue and exhibited in a Beijing gallery at the end of the project. When the exhibition is completed all work-specific feedback will be mailed to the artists for their keeping.

All participants will be invited to show their original work or works pertaining to the project at a gallery in Beijing at the end of the project. Details will be provided as they become available.



三san (three) 轮lun (wheel) 车che (vehicle) – a versatile, cheap and compact  tricycle made from modified motorcycles or bicycles. Small yet mighty, the workhorse of Beijing moves everything from lumber to passengers.  Often employed as a low-budget, local taxi.

三san (three) 轮lun (wheel)  艺术yishu (art) – a mobile gallery, a custom-made sanlun che housing an exhibition of print, drawing, sound, and video selected specifically for this context.  The primary function is to facilitate personal interaction with art for an audience outside the scope of the traditional gallery.

The sanlunche is one of the most popular ways of getting around the city. Our project, Sanlun Yishu, will retrofit the standard sanlunche, turning it into a mobile gallery. This gallery will house artworks from people around the globe working in various media and carry them into the stream of daily transportation.