From the Wet Plate Collodion Forum, I learned that Quinn Jacobson is thinking about holding a wet plate workshop webcast on Skype.  This would be geared to those who might not have the time to travel long distances to attend a workshop and would be interactive so that participants may ask questions in real time.  You can contact Quinn by email if you’re interested: or (better) through a form on his website.  He moderates the forum as well; but you will need to register and be approved before you can post any comments.    


Quinn Jacobson


First, the most important thing is that this would be interactive. In other words, participants would be able to ask questions and make comments. I think I can have up to 24 people on a Skype feed.

 Secondly, the participants would be able to SEE everything from making chemistry, pouring plates, making exposures, development, varnish, etc. and see all of the equipment and details. I’m even thinking about doing a feed from my dark room or dark box to show development techniques and how to judge properly exposed images.

This would be designed for people who can’t get to a workshop but have access to Skype and a high-speed internet connection. I would offer my workshop guide (PDF) and participants could follow along as I show my techniques on making chemistry, flowing a plate, making an exposure, developing a plate,  and varnishing a plate.

So, if you have any interest in something like this, or know someone who does that can’t get to a workshop but wants to see the process and learn how to make the chemistry, please let me know.

I haven’t figured a cost for it yet, but it will be very affordable to “attend”.  First things first, in that order, I need to see if there is any interest and secondly, find a good date/time to do something like this. Remember, I’m on Central European Time (CET) and need sun to make images, so it would have to be a Saturday or Sunday beginning at 0800 or 0900 and would probably last several hours.

Just throwing this out there, your thoughts are appreciated. 


                                                                                                                          — Quinn