January 2009

Historical Erratum  Series (by Bryan Hiott)           

Gen. Custer at Little Big Horn McDonald’s  (by Bryan Hiott)


Gen. George Armstrong Custer descends in to an existential crisis, contemplating whether he would like fries with his Quarter Pounder.  He was surprised by McDonald’s aggressive trans fat marketing and unsure whether he should use his military training to resolve the issue.  His indecisiveness would prove costly.

Committed Explanations in Geograph

Pablo Helguera: Committed Explanations in Geography

Press Release:  Committed Explanations in Geography, a solo exhibition by New York-based artist Pablo Helguera, is an upcoming show at the School of Art at The Cooper Union that showcases his recent artworks highlighting cultural and linguistic gaps specific to the Americas (January 27-February 21, 2009), curated by Sara Reisman. 

Helguera’s four-week, multi-disciplinary exhibition brings together a number of works produced between 2003 and 2009 around the subject of geography, cultural memory and social and political change in the American landscape. The subjects of the works range from works about an enclave of Veneto speakers (an italian dialect) in Puebla, Mexico, the history of the first Shaker settlement in America, the 1916 expedition by General John Pershing through the Sonora desert to kill Pancho Villa, the last speaker of the Eyak language in Alaska, and the life story of Wallace Nutting, the inventor of Americana.  Helguera’s artistic practice incorporates pedagogical mechanisms, performance, musical composition, multi-linear narrative techniques and minimalist display strategies. The opening will include the performance of “Manifest Destiny”.


The Cooper Union School of Art

7 E. 7th Street

Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Gallery, 2nd floor

Free and open to the general public


Tuesday, January 27, 6pm (opening reception)


On View:  Jan.  27 – Feb. 21; gallery hours: Tues.- Sat., 11am-6pm 


"Pour Your Body Out"

Pipilotti Rist: "Pour Your Body Out"


I was at The Museum of Modern Art today and finally got to see Pipilotti Rist’s massive – and much talked about – video installation, “Pour Your Body Out.”  Sculptural seating in the center of the atrium encourages the public to linger and, in fact, produces an informal, relaxed environment.  Rist’s 25 ft. high projections on three walls are visually stunning and function as surreal dreamscapes of gorgeous color.  I’ll have more to say about the work in another post.  The third wall of the installation is not visible in my cell phone photos.


From the MoMA Website

Pipilotti Rist’s lush multimedia installations playfully and provocatively merge fantasy and reality. MoMA commissioned the Swiss artist to create a monumental site-specific installation that immerses the Museum’s Marron Atrium in twenty-five-foot-high moving images. Visitors will be able to experience the work while walking through the space or sitting upon a sculptural seating island designed by the artist.

This clip is from the introduction to William Eggleston:  Photographer, a documentary film by German director Reiner Holzemer, which was released last year.  In this 30 minute film, Eggleston is more forthcoming about his artistic process and his reaction to critics than ever before.  Seeing this reminded me that I need to get myself over to The Whitney Museum for the Eggleston retrospective before it closes on Jan. 25th.