April 2009

1/4 Plate Alumitype (3.25" x 4.25")

1/4 Plate Alumitype (3.25" x 4.25")


This 1/4 plate alumitype of flowers on a Shaker chair was shot in the late afternoon with an f8 Dallmeyer rapid rectilinear lens.  The process I used was wet plate collodion.  Exposure time was five seconds.


Founded in 1998 and based in Asheville, NC, Kleiworks is an international, grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching natural building methods.  Assisting  individuals and local communities, the organization helps to create sustainable living spaces, while ensuring that the work is passed on.

This cartoon manages to cover conflicting issues of artistic vision, patronage, studio “assistants” and provenance.

From "The Generational:  Younger Than Jesus"


‘Jesus’ Saves

God bless the New Museum’s tantalizing triennial.


by Jerry Saltz

New York Magazine

In the last years of the boom, numerous artists came to the fore who have their aesthetic heads up the aesthetic asses of Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol, Richard Prince, Cady Noland, and Christopher Wool. They make punkish black-and-white art and ad hoc arrangements of disheveled stuff, architectural fragments, and Xeroxed photos. This art deals in received ideas about appropriation, conceptualism, and institutional critique. It’s a cool school, admired by jargon-wielding academics who write barely readable rhetoric explaining why looking at next to nothing is good for you. Many of these artists have sold a lot of work, and most will be part of a lost generation. They thought they were playing the system; it turned out that they were themselves being played.


If you want to get into medium format photography, there isn’t a more fun or inexpensive way than to buy a Holga.  There are many ways to modify the Holga for specific purposes, including shooting with 35mm film and using a pinhole lens.  You can find more about those topics at Holga Mods.

I’ve been listening to some archived episodes of the terrific weekly music podcast Coverville with Brian Ibbott.  As the name suggests, Coverville focuses on new renditions of previously recorded songs; but there is also a recurrent segment called Uncovered Gem of the Week dedicated to original recordings.  On episode 171 (January 2006), Ibbott’s Uncovered Gem was Tunnel Into Summer by Kimberly Rew from the solo album of the same title released in 2000.  


Click Here for mp3 of Tunnel Into Summer by Kimberly Rew




Review of Tunnel Into Summer from MTVASIA.com  

You may not know who Kimberley Rew is but you certainly know his most well known song.   Yes, I’m talking about”Walking On Sunshine.”That song was a huge hit for Katrina And The Waves in 1983 and Kimberley was the primary songwriter and guitarist of the group. (The”Rolling Stone Album Guide”describes the first Waves’ LP as”a masterpiece of guitar pop.”)In 1997 Katrina And The Waves won the Eurovision Song Contest for the U.K. with Kimberley’s composition”Love Shine A Light,”a European Top 10 hit. But he first came to notice in the late 1970s as a member of Robyn Hitchcock’s cult heroes The Soft Boys (notable as an influence on R.E.M., The Replacements, and Uncle Tupelo).Well, finally after almost three decades as the quintessential sides-man, Kimberley releases his very first solo album with”Tunnel Into Summer”and it is a refreshing blast of effortlessly pleasing guitar pop-rock.Whilst there has never been a doubt about Kimberley’s songwriting prowess, it is indeed a welcome surprise to discover that he has a formidable singing voice. Highly reminiscent of erstwhile partner Robyn in inflection and tone, Kimberley’s vocals (and music) recalls the same influences — Syd Barrett, Bob Dylan, Roger McGuinn, and John Lennon.With notable assistance from Robyn, Dave (Fairport Convention) Mattacks, Glenn (Squeeze) Tillbrook, and co-producer Andy (Soft Boys, Egyptians) Metcalfe, Kimberley has assembled a collection of quality tunes primarily informed by a preference for”psychedelic folk-rock blues.”From the bright and sparkling”Simple Pleasures”to the introspective”If There’s An Answer,”the breezy title track to the jazzy and stomping”Little Ray Of Sunshine,”the wistful”Honey Is That Love”to the genuinely countrified”The Radio Played Good Vibrations,””Tunnel Into Summer”is indispensable listening for fans of organic, sincere pop.