April 2016


Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina

Social Media Obsessed on Main Street - Greenville, SC

Social Media Obsessed on Main Street – Greenville, SC

While out on a date, the importance keeping all your friends updated on the progress of the evening cannot be underestimated. We have all become scribes to the lives we live. How did it get this way?

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Photograph by Bengt Alm – Uneasy Streets

Since last year, I have been curating a Flickr group called Uneasy Streets.  I accept about 5 of every 100 submissions.  Most of the images are from urban streets, but I also include compelling images in close proximity to the street (i.e. along the shore and in subway entrances).  These are the guidelines for my selection process:

I’m looking for intense street photography of people at close range, images that capture interesting interactions among people and the energy of life in the city.

I’m also interested in moments that capture the tension that is evident between subject and photographer, as well as moments when people seem isolated within the city.

PREFERRED IMAGES: compelling, gritty, new visions of people in the city, compositions that demonstrate keen observation and intuition as a photographer, capturing odd, tense, or humorous moments. I also want images that provide a sense of drama, invite a narrative, capture juxtapositions and visual puns, or make me ask a question.

*** No street images without people

*** No images that are more about the architecture than people the people shown.

*** No obviously posed group images.

*** Please do not submit cityscapes, sunsets, babies in strollers, tourist snapshots, flowers, or anything not related to the group description.

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Photograph by “Johnny Shakedown” – Uneasy Streets

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Photograph by Rammy Narula – Uneasy Streets

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Photograph by ilan Ben yehuda (Jerusalem) – Uneasy Streets




Old Main at Wofford College (2016)

Old Main at Wofford College (2016).  Image by Bryan Hiott


I’m pleased to have two of my archival pigment prints accepted into the Wofford College Archives in Spartanburg, SC. Both prints are from this digital image of Old Main, which was built in 1854.  The original image was in color, and I converted it to black and white and toned it in Photoshop. I then combined it with a portion of a digitally scanned glass plate from the 19th century. I wanted the final image to have the look of an albumen print from a wet plate collodion negative. Ancient and modern!  Backpacks and shorts were not worn on campus in the 19th century.


Public conversational gesture. Greenville, SC. Video at 85% normal speed with no sound.

This is the video counterpart to my ongoing series of narrative portrait images, exploring nuances of gesture and interaction on the street.


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