A 1/4 plate  ambrotype that I made of John Coffer in 2008 appears in the trailer for Artists & Alchemists, a documentary film on artists in the digital age working to revive 19th century photographic processes. (@ 1:01 on the YouTube video). The film will be released this year.

John Coffer - Ambrotype by Bryan Hiott

This clip is from the introduction to William Eggleston:  Photographer, a documentary film by German director Reiner Holzemer, which was released last year.  In this 30 minute film, Eggleston is more forthcoming about his artistic process and his reaction to critics than ever before.  Seeing this reminded me that I need to get myself over to The Whitney Museum for the Eggleston retrospective before it closes on Jan. 25th. 


Kurosawa’s series of eight short films, entitled Dreams, is based on his own dreams from various periods of his life.  Crows expresses his admiration for the work of Vincent Van Gogh.  As the film begins, a young painter is looking intently at Van Gogh’s work in a museum when he is suddenly transported to the French countryside near Arles.  He encounters Van Gogh in the flesh, played by Martin Scorsesee, whose dialogue could be just as well be a musing on his own artistic vision.  Crows (1990) was co-directed by Ishiro Honda.