New Images

Pinhole Photograph (View of Manhattan)


This is a view of Manhattan from Chelsea (looking North).  I cut a piece of Ilford Multigrade IV Fiber Paper to fit my pinhole camera and make the exposure. After developing the negative image, I scanned it and reversed it to positive in Photoshop. There is some blur due to a slight unsteadiness of the camera during the 1 min. exposure.  I had taken my Parsons photo students to Print Space (a black and white darkroom).  The view is from the fire escape of the lab.

Abandoned House Near Piedmont, SC.  Image:  Bryan Hiott.    

Abandoned House Near Piedmont, SC. Image: Bryan Hiott.


I’ve been scanning many of my color 4 x 5 negatives shot during the last year mainly along back roads from New York to South Carolina.  One of my favorites is this image of an abandoned house near Piedmont, SC.  The house was built in the 30s and for as long as I can remember it has been vacant.  The advantage of shooting in the 4 x 5 film format is that the images can be printed to a large scale without loss of image sharpness.