On the cover of the November 5th edition of  The Brooklyn Rail is a drawing by William Powhida, taking aim at New Museum over its plan to allow Dakis Joannou, a trustee, to exhibit his Jeff Koons collection next February.  New Museum’s arrangement has generated considerable criticism and is compounded by the fact that Koons himself will curate the exhibition.  The situation came to the attention of a wider public this week in a New York Times article that cited  Tyler Green among others for helping raise awareness of the issue on his blog (Modern Art Notes).

As a non-profit institution, New Museum is sanctioning a collector/artist collaboration to exhibit work that has already been validated in the marketplace and which only stands to bolster the market position of both.  Wouldn’t the institution be better served in returning to its stated mission of showing original work by unknown artists who take risks and deserve recognition?  It is time for New Museum to exercise better judgment.  Powhida’s humorous and critically insightful drawing with accompanying text, slamming curatorial cronyism, makes this point clear.

Drawing by William Powhida:  Front Cover of Brooklyn Rail (11.5.09)

Drawing by William Powhida: Front Cover of The Brooklyn Rail (11.5.09)

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New Museum of Contemporary Art

New Museum of Contemporary Art

From Modern Art Notes (Tyler Green’s Modern And Contemporary Art Blog):

This morning’s New York Times features a front-page Deborah Sontag and Robin Pogrebin article on a story that MAN has been aggressively covering for six weeks: The New Museum’s self-made ethical problems regarding its exhibition of a trustee’s collection. (Click here for a roundup of links to MAN’s coverage. Click here for an op-ed I wrote for the current issue of The Art Newspaper.).

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